Living My Best Life

Happy 23rd birthday to me!

I’ve always likened birthdays to New Years – July 16th has always felt like a fresh start. The days and weeks leading up to it are a time to reflect on the past twelve months of my life, laugh over the hundreds of photos I’ve taken, gauge how much closer I am to achieving certain goals and decide which people I’m cutting off (just kidding).

Being totally honest, 22 was..

a roller coaster.

Bye 22, onto 23.

Enter the “LIVING MY BEST LIFE” concept

There were so many times over the past year when I thought to myself “damn, I wish I actually did that”. Or said that, wore that, captured that moment, wrote that, travelled there, shared, created, experienced, etc, etc.¬†Realistically, there’s nothing stopping me from doing these things.¬†Living my best life just means living up to my own standards.

The goal for #TAJA23 is to be more me – I’ll blog along the way.

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