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February 7, 2016tayjers

Blogging / Journaling / Vlogging / Instagram

A blog of any kind can be used as your portfolio if you are a person working in the Arts.

THE ARTS (singing, photography, dancing, etc.) also includes less obvious things such as PR people, makeup artists, Photoshop experts, fashion event producers, the list goes on.

A blog is an important tool that demonstrates your chronological growth and the development of your skills. These skills could include how much clearer your pictures have become, the fluidity of your YouTube videos (editing skills for days) or how your audience has grown on your regular-shmegular WordPress blog. For example, read the very first post and then finishing reading this one. Slight improvements in flow, tone and direction are made naturally.


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1. Everyone could use a blog

PR people may want a blog to review products from their clients and drive the audience to their respective websites or;

  • A social media connoisseur may use a blog to tie all of their outlets together (IG, Twitter, Facebook, etc.);
  • A photographer may need an online portfolio to showcase their work to potential clients;
  • A beauty or fashion guru may need a vlog (YouTube) to physically demonstrate techniques and skills;
  • Someone who is serious about that New Years Resolution may use a blog to document their fitness journey and give tips to others;
  • Someone just starting out may need a blog to practice their general writing skills.

Whatever the case may be, a blog has many uses and it’s important to get started!

2. Get Started

Starting a blog on any platform is pretty easy and mostly free. Choose a medium that best suits your needs and displays your talents as clearly as possible. I recommend YouTube, Instagram, Tumblr and WordPress for the majority of bloggers. These platforms have high levels of interaction and make it easy to gauge a blog’s stats through subscribers, views, likes, comments and reposts. (not .com, learn the difference here) is a great platform that is very customizable. You also own all of your content and can purchase your own domain name.

3. Be You

Think about what will make your content different from everyone else’s. There are so many amazing artists out there, it can be hard to stand out. It’s important to see who’s in the blogosphere and to know just what they do. Follow your fave content creators – be supportive and get inspired – but be yourself!  There is more than enough room on the Internet for everyone.

4. Tip #1

The most important tip of all is to stay consistent in both quantity and quality. QUANTITY – How many posts will you be making and when? Nothing is more eerie than seeing an abandoned blog or IG account, did you suddenly drop off the face of the Earth? Sticking to a consistent schedule allows a relationship to develop between you and your audience. QUALITY – As stated above, everything gets better with time. Work towards producing the best content you possibly can with what you have – you will only get better! Quantity and quality go hand in hand.


TO SUM IT UP: Find the topic/reason of your blog, choose an appropriate outlet, think about your content objectively and then produce consistent, good quality content.


That’s it! If you had (or have) a blog, what would it be about? Comment down below!

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