Outfit Tips to Ace Your Next Interview

January 24, 2016tayjers

First impressions when it comes to just about any interpersonal meeting in life are important. The first impression someone has of you is what sticks — until you are able to prove them right or wrong.

When it comes to the particularly stressful encounter of interviewing for a position as a public relations intern or an account coordinator, the last thing you want to be worried about is your outfit. You have other important things to stress over, like memorizing the names of clients, knowing the agency’s core values by heart and being able to recite your list of outstanding achievements without sounding like a car salesman (no shade to car salespeople).

If you have a closet full of clothing but absolutely nothing to wear, don’t panic. I’m here to help.



Interview season may roll around multiple times a year for a Junior PR guy or gyal early on in their career. Who has the time (or funds) to buy a new outfit for each and every meeting?

This is why the  “All Black Everything” look for interviews is my personal go-to. It makes putting yourself together so much easier. You can play with silhouettes and cuts of clothing (boxy crop top to an interview anyone? I’ve done it) while still looking professional.

optimized black outfit - turning.gifIf you think this look is too basic, switch it up with accessories and incorporate a dimension of colour or texture. An interesting bracelet or necklace can be a conversation starter and personalize an outfit without going too overboard. Large retail stores in your local mall carry decent quality black blazers, trousers, blouses and tanks year-round.

Details are also very important. Public Relations professionals definitely have an eye for detail and will notice the small things going on with your outfit. More important than looking sharp is looking fresh!

That’s all for now. Wishing you good luck on your next job/internship interview.

À la prochaine!


P.S. Click through to see some of my interview inspiration pieces (most of which are super old but I will always love them). Basically, the goal is to find similar styles.

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