How to Find Your Personal Style

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In my experience, personal style isn’t something that you “find”. It develops over time and through tons of trial and error (wardrobe malfunctions, painful heels, literal disasters, etc). Part of what makes conceptualizing personal style so difficult is the fact that it’s ever-evolving. Look back to the past few years — has your style changed? Are you finding certain looks more covetable than others?

A sense of style is invaluable. Feeling good and knowing you look good has so many positive effects on self esteem and confidence. This blog post gives tips on how to steer your style into the right direction, for you!

How to develop your own personal style

Take this in: we all already have a sense of personal style.

There are certain pieces we’re all drawn to while shopping, no matter how many variations of it we already own. Which items do you have to ask yourself: “Do I really need this in another colour?” Items that naturally speak to you should be the base of your signature style.

A strong base makes dressing yourself easier. Imagine putting a nice outfit over a trash bin. Now imagine if the trash bin has a mani/pedi, nice hair and smells amazing. Anything you add on top of a polished base automatically looks put together and stylish. Be a polished trash bin.

TAYJERS | Personal Style

What do you actually like?

No clue where to start? Start off by pinpointing 3-4 friends/celebs/IGs who’s style you admire. Honestly Instagram is where I find 99% of my style inspiration, try using the “save” feature to keep a private collection of looks you want to recreate.

PRO TIP: write a few keywords down that you want your style to be associated with, for example refined, eclectic, bright, neutral, understated, designer, etc. When going through your wardrobe or shopping, think about how each clothing item aligns with the keywords you’ve chosen.

TAYJERS | How to Find your Personal Style
Tips on how to style yourself

Having a sense of style isn’t a gene that certain people have and that others lack. Anyone who invests a little time and creativity into their next few outfits is well on their way to developing a strong, consistent look. There are so many ways to tackle developing personal style, here are a few quick tips:

  • Have a couple go-to outfits in mind that make you feel good
  • Try to work around one item in your outfit (a logo t-shirt, bold accessories, etc.) that will be the centre of attention of your look
  • Wearing one colour (all black/grey/white) looks put together without trying
  • When shopping, as in life, don’t settle — if the fit is a little off or there’s a detail you don’t quite like just let it go
  • Upgrade items in your wardrobe instead of replacing them
  • Keep an eye on trends that you may want to incorporate into your everyday style
  • Follow 5 Instagram accounts that exemplify your #ootd goals
  • Adding accessories is an easy way to make your outfit more personal, read more here

Let me know in the comments if this helps!

TAYJERS | Personal style

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