How to Start Working in Media

March 12, 2016tayjers

Since you’ve been reading TAYJERS you now understand what Public Relations is, right?

Getting started in the field is no easy feat, it’s very competitive especially in a place such as Toronto. Most people will tell you they actually “fell into it”! Although there is no foolproof formula to getting your foot in the door (which is truly the hardest part), here are a few tips to get you on your way.


  • No, you do not necessarily need a degree in Public Relations or Communications but it’s an amazing place to start and if the program offers co-op or placements – even better! The main goal of going to university is to be able to network with other students and professors while learning the theory of the profession.
  • Take projects seriously and see if there is anything you can add to your portfolio for future. Always aim to impress.


  • Use your summers to intern. Having at least two internships under your belt (or one lengthy one) is a good place to start. Interning at a Public Relations agency shows you how different the theory of PR is from the practice
  • Make connections, do the hard work, everyone starts at the beginning


  • Blog to stay on top of things and connected (ICYMI: Instagram is a blog!)
  • You are an asset and so are your fantastic writing skills and your high level of interaction on your social media platforms – why not show it!?


  • Being an interesting and dynamic person means more than sitting behind a computer or in a class all day – get out there! Pick up a hobby that has little to do with the Communications’ field and stick with it.
  • As you probably know by this stage, PR is stressful and this hobby will eventually become your ultimate stress reliever. It will also set you apart from other candidates/people in general and is a great conversation starter
  • Ex. Rock climbing, knitting, swimming, food blogger, nightlife blogger, catch the drift?


  • Look at who is out there, not just boutique PR agencies – try in-house too. Everyone could use a good PR Rep with great connections
  • Some people need an Intern/Junior Account Coordinator but do not have job postings listed – never be afraid to cold call or blindly submit your resume


Congrats! You have started in the field of public relations!

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