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March 26, 2017tayjers

T Talks is a brand new info series that will discuss jobs in and around the modern fashion/beauty Communications industry.

In this digital age, public relations and social media are the PB&J of communication efforts. TAYJERS blog talks a lot about the PR side of the Canadian fashion/beauty industry but social media is equally as important. Be well-rounded!

This article focuses on Social Media Coordinators. How to manage social media accounts, how to develop a strong strategy and what to do before you submit your resume for that dream position.

How many of us have thought: “I 100% get Social Media — I grew up with it!”

As true as this sentiment may be, the fact that you’re a Millennial doesn’t automatically make you a “Social Media Guru” or give you some innate ability to successfully manage a company’s social platforms. Social media marketing is a very powerful tool that needs to be mastered. When used to its full potential, it garners brand awareness, grows followers, fosters a community and most importantly, generates sales.

Start at the beginning

The best way to completely understand how social media works for businesses and brands is to start with your own accounts. If you don’t already have an active IG, Twitter, Facebook Page, LinkedIn and Snapchat/Youtube/some form of video content platform than do that first.

All tips shared below should be applied to your own social media platforms (or small accounts you manage) before you jump into managing a business or brand account.

Social media management tools

Once I learned how to use Hootsuite (after a 24 hour cram session, do not recommend) I realize how essential it is for any company to have a social media management tool that covers all platforms. This allows the Social Media Coordinator to view all brand mentions, use of specific hashtags, geotagged tweets and much more all in one place.

Use TAYJERS.com social profiles for example

I won’t go into the specifics of how to use Hootsuite because it can be as simple or as complex as you would like it to be. Teach yourself how to use it by taking their free platform training course here.

Other TOP social media management tools include:

Social Media Marketing 101

Once again, before I completed the Hootsuite courses, I failed to realize the science behind social media. There are strategies and best practices for each platform that can boost your presence and contribute to your business’ overarching goals. Make time to go through each individual course properly and really take in the wealth of information the Hootsuite Academy is providing. Let it absorb into your brain. It’s an invaluable resource for all entry-level Social Media Coordinators.

Social Media Strategy In Real Life

Now, apply all that theory into the real world. Look up videos and interviews of people who are Social Media Coordinators in companies of interest to you. Try answering practice interview questions. They’re an easy way to test your knowledge and ensure you’ve mastered fundamental concepts. Great resources include:

  1. A Day in the Life of Bergdorf Goodman Social Media Coordinator
  2. A Day in the Life of Lucky Magazine’s Social Media Guru
  3. 19 Social Media Marketing Interview Questions & Answers

 This may be a lot of information to digest but it’s totally worth it for any PR pro. I suggest you set aside a few days of the week to really get through the material above and be able to confidently use it in the workplace.

Thanks for reading!

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