What is Public Relations?

January 12, 2016tayjers

I get asked this question whenever the topic of “So what are you doing with your life?” comes up with friends or family. What exactly is Public Relations? What does Public Relations actually do and look like in the real world?

Public Relations or PR is what I like to call: A little of a lot.

In my mind, the (admittedly incomplete) definition of PR is creating awareness of a brand/product to targeted publics using strategized communication methods and mediums. This awareness is garnered through credibility and media relations.

The fashion and beauty sector of public relations is what I find the most interesting, as opposed to government or non-profit sectors. Fashion and beauty is so dynamic and really an integral part of most Millennial’s lives — why not be in the loop on the behind-the-scenes action?

Self portrait of me // Sex in the City

Public Relations specialists use their know-how of the media landscape to connect brands with the correct audience. Opening a channel of communication between a brand and its public is the ultimate goal of PR. That’s not all — every PR girl or guy needs to maintain strong relationships with media by pitching, attending and hosting events, interacting on social media and etc. Brainstorming, planning and strategizing also go hand in hand with the profession.

Success in PR ultimately requires a unique blend of skills and interests such as being “in the know”, solid creative writing skills, a true understanding of social media, being a forward thinker and serious self-management chops, among others.

More importantly, a strong interest and passion for the field itself.

Contrary to popular belief, fashion and beauty public relations is not glamorous or fickle. A PR girl or guy spends more hours at their computer than they do socializing at events. More hours responding to e-mails than talking business over drinks. More hours in the office spent filling media sample requests than turning down a career changing trip to Paris in the name of love (Lauren Conrad on The Hills, sorry still not over it).

It is mentally and sometimes physically hard work, but with a good team it is all so worth it!

PR is listening to your client’s message and translating their vision successfully. PR is the satisfaction that comes from seeing a product launch event flow smoothly and create conversation #hashtags. PR is the excitement of an editor featuring a mascara you pitched in a major magazine. PR is an office filled with the latest beauty items and a showroom packed with the latest SS/FW collections before anyone else even knows they exist.

If anything I said above excites you, piques your curiosity or confirms that you’re on the right career path – we’re on the same page and you probably have great taste in everything.

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These links will direct you to websites that feature insightful, funny and sometimes mildly offensive articles about PR as an industry and #PRgirls:



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