What I got up to in Montego Bay, Jamaica

March 2, 2020Tayjers

Writing has always been one of my passions. I’ve consistently found healing and solace in writing out exactly what I feel, think and want to say. Writing and creative expression in general have always been such an outlet for my pent up anxious energy (that I am full of lately).

It’s been an escape, a place of refuge and helps me understand myself.

Understanding is so important in this life – it’s hard to find a space where you truly feel as though you connect with the other person. Where they get you, hear you and feel you.

Moving forward in 2020, I want to go back to the funny me – the makeup me – the natural me – the weird me – the thoughtful me – the selfish me.

A backwards evolution into who I was, I want to redirect my path from boring-everyday- is-the-same-neutral-tones to vibrance, joy and purpose.

And so I will!

Firstly, one of my big plans for the new decade is to travel more.  I was able to do just that by visiting Jamaica in early January. Below, I share a few of my favourite memories from the trip and have included my travel itinerary (gratuit!) right here.


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