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February 26, 2017tayjers

Working in a creative field such as fashion/beauty PR can momentarily drain you of your natural creative ability. Finding inspiration that actually makes you want to get up and do something is few and far between. Sure, I can watch a really touching and heartfelt viral video about how the minutes in my life are being wasted redacted into jelly beans but that’s not making me jump out of bed.

What I find drives me to make real change is seeing the success of my peers. Young people who are really grinding in their fields and making upward moves. Whether that’s leveraging their photography skills, blogging, working in tech, travelling or entering the corporate realm, it’s all highly motivating and makes me wonder what I personally should be doing more, or less, of.

10 sources of inspiration to boost creativity, productivity and purpose


Maybe it’s the Cancer sign (July 16th) in me, but I’ve always gravitated towards the beach. Being outside centers my mind. Stepping away from the internet and getting fresh air really does something to ya.


Tumblr’s not dead. High quality runway posts, editorials and backstage beauty shots are often updated on photographers’ personal accounts. Best platform to curate inspirational images and create an online mood board.


Adding to my resume means I’ve accomplished something. Taking an online course, putting together a portfolio or perfecting a skill (ex. Photoshop) is worthwhile as it can increase my overall sense of purpose.


Most of the music I listen to is found on Soundcloud. Playing music in the background when doing any mundane task puts me in this mood where my ideas flow smoothly — just as long as no one barges in or interrupts.


As stated above, what peers and friends are currently up to is a big motivating factor for me. Especially when it’s my closest girlfriends. Having a small (but strong) group of supportive people around you is a constant reminder of your value and what the important things in life truly are.


Reading interviews about smart, entrepreneurial or creative women gives me a sense of direction. I love success stories and learning about how one manages to get where they are today – especially when they have the job title I want.


Sarah Feingold‘s eye for photography and her matching fearless attitude are inspirational in itself. Whenever I scroll her social media platforms or online mag No Basic Girls Allowed (NBGA) I always find hundreds of looks I want to recreate.


What’s better than walking by your favourite store and trying on that cute outfit seen on the mannequin? Seeing myself in a different look is a fun thing to do that can break up the monotony of an everyday routine.


Just like #BlackTwitter, #MakeupTwitter is not exactly a real place. It’s a Twitter community comprised of young men and women who post their most recent beauty looks and retweet their peers. Other people’s passion for what they do drives me to be just as passionate in my own work.


Spending time alone is the #1 way I increase creativity, productivity and purpose. Writing for TAYJERS, treating myself to skincare products I’m obsessed with and reading articles that interest me are all ways I recharge.


Creating allows you to realize your power as an individual. You’re a capable, smart person — you can literally do anything imaginable if you find the willpower to start.

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